A very important part of Bonfiglio Global Service is represented by the possibility of overhauling, modifying, updating or adjusting a machine or a plant, also if it’s not a Bonfiglio brand, both concerning the mechanical and the electrical parts; this is especially in those cases when the machines were built by companies which are now closed or by little companies lacking a maintenance service.

We are part of a MANUFACTURING company HAVING ITS OWN BRAND and have our own factory, equipped with cutters, presses, calenders, welders, water cut and with our own employed people able to remake any work.

Bonfiglio S.r.l. has the engineering in its organization: it’s a staff that is able to PROJECT machines and plants, and so to satisfy and meet the customer in his requests, both concerning the production feasibility and above all the working and cycle/process feasibility. Thanks to this aspect of our head company, the position of BONFIGLIO GLOBAL SERVICE is really favourable, in comparison to those companies executing only servicing or operative buildings.

Grazie a questo aspetto della nostra casa madre , la posizione della BONFIGLIO GLOBAL SERVICE è molto favorevole rispetto ad aziende di sole manutenzioni/costruzioni operative.

This means taking part in a company of MANUFACTURERS!

Example of applications

  • Modifications on machines

    It may be a machine, being it old in a certain way, could need some modifications due to various necessities, for instance the changing of the piece to be washed, or the revising of the machine dimensions as they are not congruent anymore, or the wrong functioning, or the updating of the electrical board, or the missing of a working phase, the solving of some designing mistakes, or any other thing.

    Here Bonfiglio Global Service is present.

  • Machines reparations

    There are some cases where the plants are still valid but the building company does not exist anymore. Let’s imagine today we have in our structure some expensive plants made by companies that have closed. A simple spare part can force to a new purchase of the whole plant.

    Bonfiglio Global Service, with the staff of the Bonfiglio head company, can easily come back to the process, to the project the designer had conceived in his time, and can manufacture a spare piece today, or make a new project of a part of the machinery to grant it a life.

  • Machines updating

    On the contrary, there are some cases when the updating of the software or of the continuous industrial process demands to insert the robot in the isle, and maybe one or more machines. The machines need then to be modified in their indexes, or some other things.

    Our electric staff of the Bonfiglio head company projects everything, interfacing with the isle manufacturer and others, so that a right isle gets composed. All the plant measures of the process digitization following the classification “ 4.0 industry” are here.