Gianluca Bonfiglio

Who we are

Bonfiglio Global Service is a branch of Bonfiglio Group and mainly deals with the complete management of the washing plant by the customers.

It’s born from an idea of Gianluca Bonfiglio; for his personal pride, he gets sad in seeing the machines caring his surname are let to carelessness, or – even worse – become object of a bad profitable maintenance executed by third parties. As consequence, all this affects the BONFIGLIO brand, a leader company in the production and commerce of washing machine for almost 40 years.

We see the machines arise, from the ideas of whom projecting them to the men who produce, work and build them with their hands. Our machines, carefully handled by us, are safe and happy to get pampered by the same men who gave them a soul.

What does “CONTROL” of a washing plant mean?

It means taking care of the whole PROCESS, which involves the employment of people who own versatile skills, meaning chemical (detergent), mechanic (servicing), building (modifications), legislative (application forms and/or wasting) and washing process (setting the machine in accordance to the needed results) ones.

The customer is informed about the fixed costs and, above all, he is not involved in all the numerous variables existing.

We know the machine, also in all its hidden parts

We project, build and sell machineries for almost 40 years, basing on the 50 years long lasting experience of the constitutor of Bonfiglio S.r.l., and so Giovanni Bonfiglio. Inside our group we make the project of the machines, and we know their limits, the plan calculations when building, the binders full of original construction drawings, and so on. Furthermore, we are technician in this field, also in case of other brand’s machines; being aware of the designing, we know the limits they have and so how to make the interventions, remaking also those spare parts which can’t be found anymore.

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Relying on us turns out to be an economic saving

Concerning the economic aspect, our managing a plant involves saving money in the long term, granting a fairly everlasting use of the machinery; infact, we don’t like to say “The machine needs to get changed”, it would be as we admitted a building failure. This is the real saving: making a washing machine, which is strong in its building feature indeed, become EVERLASTING. According to our data, the oldest machine we control today dates back to 1968, and the next one belongs to 1981. This is what we call “economic saving”.

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We certify our washing cycles

A washing cycle that is controlled by us gets certified, so that you may give an economic meaning to such management, bringing an added value to your production for your customer. A Bonfiglio Global Service means efficiency, so much that it’s acknowledged in the areas where we are present.

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