What’s Bonfiglio certification

The Bonfiglio certification is our way of granting that particular washing machine or plant has reached our quality and proficiency standards. The validity level of the certification is determined by a very good control and performance of the plants provided with it, so much that such certification is well known in several automotive companies.

Why certifying?

Because the plant management gets an additional value in this way. If the washing machine is maintained by our Global Service, the customer is given the chance to bring value to such aspect, through the certification stamp, and to get also positive advantages for him, as consequence.

Types of certifications

Bonfiglio's chemical certification logo


It grants we execute samplings with a regular frequency, in accordance to the dirt to manage, so as to keep the chemical bath controlled. This avoids the arising of any problem that may incur without a proper checking. We also grant that waters are drained off in accordance to the actual laws, that detergents follow the right safety rules in accordance to the actual laws, and that they are produced in Italy.

Bonfiglio's Servicing certification logo


In the servicing certification we grant to perform meticulous controls in every part of the plant, in accordance to the machine sheet which is made through our company server. The control is executed on the entire machine, monitoring the wear of any single element and making a preventive substitution action to avoid any production stop; this also allows the machine and the process to be always efficient.

Bonfiglio's global certification logo


In the global certification we grant the execution of a general control on the plant, which includes the chemical field, the cleaning and the mechanical parts. A maintenance contract will be drafted, with the aim of keeping the system and the relative activity of the machine monitored. Therefore, we grant we determine the programme of all the machine work in advance.